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Here at Mill Street Animal Clinic we offer two options for imaging your pet: digital x-rays and in-clinic ultrasound*.

We are equipped with an in-clinic digital x-ray machine for immediate assessment of the internal organs and skeletal structures. We use x-ray most often to look for emergent issues: broken bones, heart failure, lung issues, intestinal obstructions, urinary stones, among other conditions.

We can also use x-rays to follow up on medical conditions like arthritis, bladder stone dissolution, congestive heart failure patients, and chronic lung disease among others.

Diagnostic Ultrasound
Ultrasound is an important and non-invasive way to assess the function and structure of the internal organs. In fact, the quality of ultrasounds often negate the need for exploratory surgery! It is also an important tool for diagnosing heart disease. All images are reviewed and reported by an off-site radiologist or cardiologist (depending the organ(s) scanned) with reports received within 1-3 days.

*We work closely with a highly-skilled ultrasound technician to provide this service. As such, advanced scheduling is often needed to facilitate this imaging option.

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