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Prevention is preferred when it comes to ticks and tick-borne diseases

We prefer to prevent tick bites and disease transmission in the first place with safe and effective preventatives. Call us to discuss a personalized parasite strategy for your dog or cat.

Should your pet have been exposed to a tick, Mill Street Animal Clinic can help with removal and appropriately timed post-exposure testing for tick borne diseases.

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Summer is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. As we get outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air, we remind owners that this means more pet interaction, which can mean increased risk of disease, infection, and parasite exposure.

Here at Mill Street Animal Clinic, we can devise an individualized preventative care plan for your pet. This takes into account you and your pet's lifestyle, location, and risk factors for illness. It is important to ensure your pets are up to date on vaccines, including leptospirosis for outdoor dogs. Parasite season is upon us and prevention is something that can be tailored for your pet.

We are welcoming in person appointments at this time and are happy to see you with your pet!

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The importance of prevention.

Brushing your pet's teeth every day is the most effective step pet owners can take to promote a healthy mouth. Once gingivitis or other dental disease occurs, we can perform a full dental exam and prophylactic cleaning, scaling and polishing to get them new again!

Book an exam at Mill Street Animal Clinic to get your pet's teeth and gums checked if you have any concerns or questions about their oral health.

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