End of Life

Euthanasia, commonly referred to as "putting to sleep", is a difficult decision fraught with emotion and stress. At Mill Street Animal Clinic, we try to help guide your decision-making through this emotional time with respect and compassion for all involved.

Click here for a "Quality of Life Checklist" from The Ohio State University.

What to expect

Once the decision is made for humane euthanasia, our ultimate goal is to make the process smooth and stress-free for all involved, most importantly for your pet.

Some people choose to be with their pet during the procedure, which we encourage. All steps are explained to any family members present, with time to express any concerns or questions prior.

Aftercare is available through Mill Street Animal Clinic. Pet cremation aftercare is available through Gateway Pet Memorial in Guelph, Ontario. They offer both communal and private cremation, and many memorial products to help .



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