Emily G


Emily may be a new face in our practice, but she has been in the field for many years. After working various job in veterinary medicine, she proudly earned her RVT status in 2017. Emily worked with Dr. Rogers in a previous practice, and decided to follow her to this new exciting chapter in her life! Emily is fear free trained as well.

Emily became an RVT to repay her pets and others like them for their years of love and companionship by providing them top quality nursing care. She enjoys surgeries and dental procedures, and is always ready to help patients feel comfortable, safe and happy while in the clinic.

Emily can be found in exam room and surgery rooms of the clinic, she really is the flow master and keeps us all on track and moving us along to make things run smoothly!

Emily is a very proud Rottweiler mom to her special pup Ripley, and is owned by a sassy brown tabby named Nala.

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